Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blog 5

Heidegger says “the meaning of a particular thing is enabled by the web of implicit meanings we call the world” (170) He means that to really understand something, we have to know all the background information involving it. An example I might use is a can of coke. We understand what that means, because we have all seen it. To explain it, you would have to explain what a can is, which then needs an explanation of aluminum, how to open the pull tab, etc. For the pop itself, you would need to explain carbonation, caffeine, and all the way to liquid. This is relevant to the third order of order because an item might mean different things to different people depending on their background with it. Say, if I always got a can of coke every time I visited my Grandpa, I would probably connect that can of coke with my grandpa, but the average person wouldn’t. With the 3rd order of order, I could tag that can of coke with grandpa, and someone else can tag it with summer beverages, or anything else that connects them to it.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blog 3

With photographs, someone else might organize them differently. My trip to Disney World was with my cousins, who live in Orlando. So they might have all pictures with those cousins in one folder, and not just from one event. Or they might have all trips to Disney World in one folder. They might also categorize their folders simply by date, and not one trip spanning more than one day. The way I organize it shows that I take individual events and dates as being important. I like my computer to be in order of when things happened, so I can look them up easily. If I wanted to find all pictures with my cousin Meg, that would be difficult for me, it would take me a while to find all the trips to florida.

Blog 2

ok, so i'm super behind from being sick, so now i am going to try to catch up, by doing all the blogs super late. Sorry!

I think the main point from the beginning weinberger chapters is that order is very important, but the way you order things depends on the situation. Physical books, and other objects, can only be put in so many categories, you don't want a copy of the same book in 10 different locations, it just wouldn't make sense. Digitally, one book can be put in an infinite number of categories. This is demonstrated with Amazon. A book can have numerous tags, and could be included in many lists.

I keep my photographs on my computer and external hard drive categorized by event, and then by date. All my pictures from Disney World from august will be in one file, and that file will be in a 2010 file. The files within the 2010 file are listed by date, newest first.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Web squared

The most important idea from the “Web Squared” article, is that the internet is growing. As it gets older, it has more and more information. We are helping to provide that information by using the various applications that both give and take information from us. Real time feedback is becoming more prevalent, with users sharing information with each other, as opposed to only coming from one source. Businesses are having to keep up with the on-the-go mobile consumer. I don’t know exactly what my future career will be. I would love to make a career out of my photography, and the articles that we have been reading are making me realize that to be up to date, there needs to be more than just the photography session, and returning of the photographs. It would be ideal to have an almost flickr-like set up where customers could view their photos, and have their friends view them, and give feedback, and be able to decide what photos they like best, and what edits they would like to be made.

My current favorite web application, if it counts as such, is Netflix on demand. I have always been very into movies, and for a small fee (or free for me, since I use my brother’s instant stream) a whole new world of legal viewing is opened up. I cannot name how many movies I have seen that I probably would never pick out of a movie store. The reviews are also helpful in deciding which film to watch. I like that by rating which movies you like and don’t like, you get custom recommendations, as well as custom ratings on the movies themselves. While it’s not what I would consider the most groundbreaking thing to come online, it’s definitely one of the most fun for me.